The Estate – Explore 500 acres

Deer on our estateThe 500 acres of the estate are yours to explore.

There are around 20km of paths and bridleways, with lots of great picnic spots.

The estate was set up for boar hunting, but is now the owner’s private home. The boar have been replaced by deer, which are managed for our consumption.

We have a herd of rare Mouflon goats that you may often find on the hill behind Le Puy. Please feel free to feed the pigs, but children need to be supervised when doing this.

The estate is generally very safe, but at certain times of the year (the rutting season) the Red deer stags need to be given a wide berth.

Also from time to time you may see or hear our estate workers using the tractor and other equipment for routine maintenance.

The English estate manager will be happy to give you a tour of the estate and answer any questions you may have. If your kids would like to feed the animals, that can be arranged too.